studio partington
award winning architects

Temple Avenue & Fifth Avenue, York

Lotherington (Derwenthorpe Phase 2) & Seebohm (Phase 3)

York | Joesph Rowntree Housing Trust | Under Construction

Derwenthorpe stands out as an exceptional exercise in place-making and a rigorous exemplar of sustainable housebuilding. Many elements of the ambitious first phase of this project, which has earned exemplar status having won several prestigious awards and received high praise from residents and industry professionals alike, have been replicated for the final phases, currently on site.

This project demonstrates a real and analytical commitment to sustainability. Its approach encompasses community and social wellbeing, passive design and active technologies. Its reach goes beyond the buildings into the consideration of the local environment, both in terms of water usage/ attenuation/ biodiversity, as well as the types of spaces and amenities it provides for inhabitants.

Studio Partington’s commitment and passion over a sustained long term period has resulted in the success of the quality and design consistency of both the homes and the public realm which has permeated the project at all levels and continues into the next phases, adopting and evolving the lessons from the past.

Achievements: York Design Awards 2017 ‘Large Residential’ winner

For more information download a project PDF here.

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It is a real community now and the Residents Association reflects this. High-quality housing like this is just what York needs and it is a real boost to the area.
— Hugh Bailey MP
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Derwenthorpe is different: there is a host of innovation under the surface, painstaking attention to details, research and critical evaluation, and above all good placemaking that justifies the claims of exemplar status, and the awards and best-practice citations.
— Irena Bauman, Architecture Today

© Photography by Kippa Matthews