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Belfast Regeneration Masterplan

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Belfast Regeneration Projects

The Carvill Group | Completed

From 1999 to 2008, Studio Partington worked on a number of regeneration projects in Belfast, rejuvenating difficult brownfield infill sites that had been derelict for years, and in several cases transforming sites previously designated as ‘no-go’ areas into desirable neighbourhoods. The projects represent a significant contribution to the regeneration of the city, repairing damage to the urban fabric and drawing together communities that had been torn apart by the Troubles.

These schemes offer sensitive remediation of land, providing good quality, affordable homes within well-connected inner city areas, creating contextual urban infill sites. Their layouts are generally clearly structured and permeable, consisting of series of well-defined streets and courtyards. They often involved extensive consultation with all kinds of people; the input of local residents, policy makers, religious authorities, and community leaders was essential to successful regeneration.  

Achievements: RICS Awards, Northern Ireland 2006 ‘Regeneration’ winner – Dunmore Stadium