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As a practice we believe in sharing the lessons and knowledge we’ve acquired over the last 20 years. This is a selection of the books, research papers and guidance documents we’ve written.


Better Buildings: Learning from buildings in use

Despite an increasing demand for energy-efficient design, architects rarely ensure that their creations are performing as intended: to talk to users, observe how the buildings work and have been adapted, and whether the environments created are enjoyable places to be in.

Better Buildings provides architects with the inspiration and tools they need to deliver truly sustainable design. Through essays and illustrated case studies, this essential book explores how sustainable buildings are occupied and work and sheds light on the methods used to observe this. It illustrates that in observing building performance in-use, sustainable architecture has moved beyond simply creating beautiful spaces, to deliver on the low-energy performances promised.


Better Buildings: Learning from buildings in use can be purchased from RIBA Bookshops.


NHBC: Understanding overheating

Written and illustrated by Studio Partington, this guide is an introduction to the topic of overheating and outlines some key aspects of design and specification.

"It would seem fair to assume that the risk of overheating will increase as we make progress towards the zero carbon homes standard. Also, if as expected, climate change leads to a further increase in summer temperatures, then overheating will become even more of an issue and one that cannot be ignored."
Neil Jefferson


Understanding overheating can be downloaded here:
Understanding overheating – where to start (NF44)

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NHBC: The advantages of new homes

Through illustrations and photographs, this guide illustrates the main benefits of new homes, It is structured on an NHBC Foundation survey of people who had recently moved into a new home which bought attention to the aspects of new homes that were most appreciated.

It includes 12 themes, in each case setting out what is offered by a new home and making contrasts with the uncertain condition of older homes. With consumer- and feline-friendly illustrations of older homes by Victoria Kirk.


The advantages of new homes can be downloaded from here:
The advantages of new homes - NF73

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NHBC: Designing Homes for the 21st Century

Written and illustrated by Studio Partington, 'Designing Homes for the 21st Century' aims to provide advice and solutions in tackling a variety of issues concerning the design of contemporary homes.

The guide describes the processes and decisions that should be made to arrive at a robust and functional low energy design, and encourages designers to understand that passive and active aspects of a home have to be planned for concurrently, as the effectiveness of each is highly dependent on the other.


Designing homes for the 21st century can be downloaded here:
Designing Homes for the 21st Century (NF50)

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Building Low Carbon Homes: ICF & Concrete Frame

Good practice in building can only be achieved through the collaboration of many parties throughout the processes of design, construction, assessment and commissioning. 

This guide is one of a series which explain some of the improvements in building techniques and processes that will be necessary for the delivery of low and zero carbon housing and are produced with the assistance of industry sponsors. 

Each guide covers a different construction system and includes an explanation of the key issues, checklists for designers and contractors, together with a case study.


Low Carbon Homes Guide: ICF can be downloaded from here

Low Carbon Homes Guide: Concrete Frame can be downloaded from here

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180508 2344_Futurology_PDF-FINAL1.jpg

Futorology: The New Home in 2050